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The PCP Initiative is a charitable organization that seeks to alleviate the effects of period poverty for women and girls in Zimbabwe.

Women living in poverty lack access to sanitary products due to financial constraints. The stigma associated with menstruation in our society also leads to lack of adequate knowledge surrounding healthy menstrual hygiene. As a result, gender inequality is exacerbated as women face an additional financial burden imposed by buying menstrual supplies. This is inclusive of sanitary products and their complements like underwear, pain medication, and access to water.

As a result, menstruation can add to the cyclical effects of poverty. These effects have been further worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Distributions in the supply chain, shop closures, and increases in prices have severely restricted household incomes, worsening the effects of period poverty in Zimbabwe. Our solution is to provide sustainable sanitary wear to those in need.

The PCP Initiative aims to donate sanitary products like washable pads, menstrual cups and period underwear. We donate these supplies with complementary items; namely, washing powder, pegs, soap, underwear, a wash cloth, a Ziploc bag, a cloth bag, and menstrual calendar. All these supplies will help the chosen beneficiaries achieve healthy menstrual hygiene for 2-3 years! And because education is liberation, we also give a short workshop on menstruation and how to use the products when we distribute.

With our help, adolescent girls and women will no longer need to use dirty rags, grass or leaves as alternatives. Their dignity will be restored, menstrual health improved, and their participation in school, work and social settings will be secured!

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